About efgb

Education Française Greater Boston (efgb) is a non-profit heritage language program created by and for a dynamic community of parents and teachers deeply attached to the French language and to francophone cultures.  Efgb aims at offering affordable educational options that are adaptable to students’ individual needs.

All our teachers are native speakers and have experience and knowledge of the particular aspects of multilingualism. 

Following an increasing demand from francophone families, efgb has created two French language immersion programs:

A French school: Les P'tits Bouts

P’tits Bouts is supported by a community of volunteering parents willing to get actively involved in their children's school.
Small classes (a maximum of 16 children) and a faculty/child ratio of 1/8, allowing a quality education adapted to the profile of each child. 
The curriculum of the French National education Cycles 1 and 2 (from Preschool to 1st grade) are adapted to the educational system in the United States.

2 cities:  Medford and Watertown

After-school French school: the programme FLAM  

Aimed at francophone children who are attending schools in the US system, the purpose of these classes is to maintain and reinforce their French language skills.  A structured curriculum has been tailored in order to respond to the specific needs of these children.  It enables them to develop communicative functionality, specifically in regards to reading and writing in French.  In doing this, students learn various aspects of the French language within a strong cultural setting, particularly working on grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary.

7 cities : Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, Sudbury, Watertown, Wellesley, and Winchester.