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EFGB is a non-profit organization offering high-quality and engaging education in French for francophone families in greater Boston.


Preparing children to face and embrace tomorrow’s world

École Française Greater Boston offers educational programming in French, designed to foster exploration, social-emotional development, and a desire to learn. Our goal is to help children build a truly bilingual identity and a strong early academic foundation that will seamlessly transition them from our school to the world beyond. By creating a collaborative, caring, and positive educational environment, we are committed to helping them thrive not only as students but as individuals.

Students Enrolled




21 Months – 5 Years Old

A fully immersive program in French to facilitate language mastery early on, while introducing students to important skills for school preparation.

Elementary School

Grades K – 5th

Offering 1st through 5th (CP CM2), our elementary school provides academic strength, French language immersion, and continued individual exploration.


Ages 5 – 15

Designed specifically for francophone students being educated in non-French-speaking schools.

Summer Camp

Ages 3 – 9

Offering indoor and outdoor fun activities and French language practice to all Greater Boston Families.


After a successful year where all our students are coming to school in person, we are pleased to announce that registration for next school year is open.



A French immersion school with a multicultural mindset


A child-centered, personalized approach to education


A blended approach to learning


More than a school- a community


Competitive tuition fees

Our daughter has spent already 2 years attending EFGB Walden and she loves going to school everyday. French is her main language right now and thanks to EFGB teachers she has been doing amazing progress. Every day there are so many activities and there is a serious planning of curricular activities. I found there is always the right mix of learning, playing, physical activities and reading.
EFGB managed extremely well to weather through the pandemic without no interruptions of in person learning thanks to a well thought protocol and meticulous application by teachers and coordinators. I owe a big debt of gratitude to EFGB and its amazing staff

Preschool Family


We have just moved from Québec and the abrupt change from French to English can be shocking for a six-year-old. I wanted a place where he continues to express himself well during his transition year.

After-School Family


We are very happy with the quality of education that our children are receiving. They are engaged in their learning, very proud of their achievements and work. The teachers are absolutely fantastic. They are clearly committed to the children and provide meaningful and fun learning activities every day. We appreciate the variety of activities the children are involved in and all the wonderful art projects.

Elementary School Family


I really value the caring nature of the school. The classes are small, the teachers are patient, kind and warm. My children love going to school daily.

Elementary School Family


I strongly believe in active learning, which engages students as active participants in their learning during class. They build their own understanding and their knowledge by doing more than listening, by doing things themselves. They must discuss, be engaged in solving problems. According to me, teachers need to motivate children to learn and help them be positive and empathic. They should propose a variety of activities, surprise their students while creating a reassuring and familiar framework for them.

Guidance Counselor

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