Committed to meeting the state standards of safety and teaching excellence.


A Standard of Excellence

Les p’tits Bouts is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is part of the agency for the development of French education overseas AEFE. Our program is rigorous and our teacher are highly qualified. We have almost 500 schools like les P’tits Bouts all over the world, 46 of which are in the US, accounting for more than 330,000 students in total.

P’tits Bouts staff continuously works in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Education to ensure that our school meets state standards in terms of safety and teaching excellence.

These classes are registered with Early Education and Care – EEC (Early Childhood Department) – and every 2 years must be re-issued a new license. In order to obtain and maintain a license from the EEC, our schools must meet several requirements:



Les P’tits Bouts must meet specific requirements to be accredited by the French Ministry of Education and must comply with principles, curriculum and pedagogical organization of the French education. Each of our facilities meet specific requirements as licenses are building specific. Each building must be inspected once a year by town representatives and by the fire department head to assess fire prevention standards.



Each person recruited by the school is highly qualified and follow the recruitment and hiring process. They must also complete an EEC specific criminal record verification which entails fingerprinting. Each class will be assisted by qualified staff, certified by the EEC.



Our elementary classes must also meet program requirements of both the French National Education, and the EEC to ensure educationally appropriate transitioning for any children wishing to join local public school systems.


The school also implements a set of procedures to ensure the welfare and physical safety of the children at any time of day. These procedures are incorporated in a guide given to each family at the start of the school year. The P’tits Bouts director and the EEC staff member in charge of our school are there to ensure we follow all of these requirements. Frequent inspections of our school also allow full monitoring.

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Quality Rating Improvement System
An application has been filed with EEC to participate in the Massachusetts “Quality Rating Improvement System”, which is an educational and structural quality evaluation system.
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City of Watertown Accreditation

For higher grades (from Kindergarten/’Grande Section’ up), the school is recognized as a private school. Academic skills for each age group meet the requirements of the local public school programs.

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Other Partnerships
P’tits Bouts has a partnership with Watertown Public Library and organizes French story times for toddlers throughout the year.