Our Story

Proudly serving the francophone community since 2008

Our learning community started as the Francais Langue Maternelle (FLAM) after-school program in 2008, when we realized that francophone children needed a place to learn, practice, and play in French. A group of francophone teachers decided to create a program to give them that opportunity. Shortly after, our program earned a FLAM grant from the French government, enabling us to purchase equipment and train teachers to ensure a quality approach to French education. FLAM serves francophone children in Greater Boston who are enrolled in local public and private schools.

P’tits Bouts began as a playgroup for younger siblings of students enrolled in FLAM to offer fun, engaging programming for preschool-aged children. Because one of the original organizers of the P’tits Bouts playgroup was a teacher, the group soon took on a fun, structured, and educational form and became increasingly popular. After a period of hard work and dedication, a committee of parents and EFGB staff established P’tits Bouts preschool in 2011.

EFGB, a non-profit organization representing FLAM, P’tits Bouts, and our annual French immersion summer camp, is dedicated to offering educational experiences entirely in French for Greater Boston’s francophone families. We offer FLAM courses in 7 locations around Boston, providing French education to over 250 students aged 5- to 12- years-old. Our P’tits Bouts program offers classes for 100 students ranging from toddler to FifthGrade (CM2) in 3 locations.