Who We Are

Learn more about our organization, mission and values.

EFGB is a non-profit organization that offers high-quality and engaging early childhood education in French specifically designed for francophone families in the Boston area. We strive to help our students build a bilingual identity and thrive not only as students but as individuals. Our goal is to fuel their desire to learn, as well as their interest for the French language and francophone culture.

We are committed to creating a collaborative, caring and positive educational experience, while offering as many opportunities as possible to use the French language, enrich the vocabulary and develop a strong cultural framework.

Based on the French National Education guidelines and enhanced by multiple educational approaches and learning principles, our programs are designed to:

Enable our students to build a strong academic foundation and the bases of true bilingualism

Foster the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of our students


Promote creativity, self-discipline, independence, active learning, and positive reinforcement


Celebrate francophone cultures and share our love for the French language

P’tits Bouts

(Preschool & Elementary School)

P’tits Bouts is a French immersion school for children age 21 months to 10 years old. Our curriculum, which is based on the French National Education guidelines and enhanced by the Early Education Curriculum (EEC) program, empowers students to build a strong foundation for true bilingualism while inspiring them to strive for academic excellence. We offer three P’tits Bouts locations Cambridge – Concord Ave -,  Cambridge – Walden Square-  and Watertown location.

Français LAngue Maternelle (FLAM)

(After-School Programs)

FLAM provides children age 5 to 15 high-quality after-school programs in French. The FLAM curriculum is designed to help strengthen writing and reading comprehension, expand and enrich vocabulary and oral expression all while celebrating Francophone cultures. We offer FLAM in nine locations in Greater Boston.

Summer Camp

Our summer camps offer all children the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and practice their French language skills through fun indoor and outdoor activities. This non-academic program is open to children 3 to 9 years old and is located at our Watertown location.

Our Mission

Ecole Française Greater Boston offers educational programing in French to francophone families in the Boston area. We are an academic community committed to promoting respect, curiosity and creativity in all of our students. We embrace diversity and prioritize accessibility by offering competitive tuition fees.

Our mission is to open children’s minds to the world around them and build a strong early academic foundation that will seamlessly transition them from our school to the world beyond. Our programs are designed to foster exploration, social-emotional development, and a desire to learn.

Our pedagogical philosophy is guided by empathy and focuses on the holistic development of our children, their families, and staff. We believe that this fosters a whole school culture of positivity and respect.

Our Values



We are open-minded and believe the power of human differences is what fuels ingenuity.

We harness the power of human difference and continue to build a community that is inclusive and diverse to benefit our students. Our team is composed of people with different backgrounds and personalities fueling a diversity that creates a deep sense of belonging.



We are entrepreneurship, we reinvent ourselves all the time.

We are committed to encourage everyone to take individual and collective initiative. Each of us should bring their authentic selves to work.



We are unique.

Every human being is unique, gifted and special individual. We are committed to respect each personality and need in a group.