DELF Exam: After-School (FLAM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning September 2022, the EFGB will offer its students enrolled in FLAM to take the DELF exam.

What is the DELF?

The DELF is an official diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education, to certify French skills. The DELF is made of 4 independent diplomas, corresponding to the four levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1-A2- B1- B2.

One exam, 4 skills assessed:
At each level, the 4 skills are assessed:

  • Oral comprehension
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Written expression

Each skill is evaluated on 25 points.
The minimum score required for each skill is 5 points
Graduation is 50/100
The diploma is valid for life

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Why offer FLAM students the DELF exam?

For recognition of student work and effort

  • To get used to taking exams
  • For the pride of obtaining a diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education.
  • At level B2, recognition of the language level is requested by more and more universities in France and in French-speaking countries

Obtaining a DELF will stimulate and motivate your child in their French learning. The DELF is based on a very positive assessment which guarantees a very high success rate.

From what age can a child take the DELF?

FLAM students can register for the exam from the age of 7.

How are students prepared for the DELF? And how can I know what my child's level is?

EFGB students are prepared for the DELF from level Prim A1.1 to Junior B2. Your child’s teacher will be able to tell you what diploma he is able to take and will not put him in a situation of failure.

Our teachers are trained to prépare the children for the exam throughout the year.

A practice exam is organized February-March in order to put the students in conditions close to the exam.

Is it necessary to have the A1 diploma to be able to pass the A2?

No, the diplomas are independent. Candidates can register for each of the DELF diplomas without the prerequisite of a title or diploma in the tests leading to it.
(Ministerial Order, Art. 5)

However, we advise to pass the levels gradually.

Where and when to take the DELF?

Where: By agreement with FLAM USA, students enrolled in FLAM can take the exam on the premises of the EFGB, which is the test center.

The exam takes place on the EFGB elementary school campus:

Cambridge – Fresh Pond
799 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

When: To make it easier to organize for families and children attending the week in American schools, special sessions for FLAMs in the United States are organized on Saturdays (April-May)

Does my child have to take the DELF?

No, there is no obligation to register for the exam

How do I register my child for the DELF exam?

A form will be sent to you in March which will allow you to register your child.

What are the registration fees for the year 2022?

FLAM students benefit from a preferential rate. (50% of the general rate)



A1.1 $50 A1 $60
A1 $54
A2 $58 A2 $65
N/A B1 $70
B2 $80
What is the DELF exam procedure?

The exam is made up of 2 parts:

  • The written tests (oral and written comprehension and written expression)
  • The individual oral expression test.

There is a break time between the 2 tests.

We are not responsible for children left alone in the test center. A parent or adult designated by the parent must be present with the child at all times when the child is not in the examination room for the collective tests or the oral test.

What are the resources to help my child at home to prepare for the exam?

There are several training books. Here are several collections that come in several levels (from A1.1 to B2) and several variations (Prim, junior or all audiences).


Interested in enrolling your child?

You are interested in the DELF and still have questions, contact us for more information: