After-School (FLAM)

Educational Programs

We’ve created custom programs that help students keep in touch with French language, vocabulary, and culture while meeting them where they are in their academic journey.


Inspired by the French Educational Curriculum, our programs are designed to help students master French oral expression, listening comprehension and writing. Our programming parallels the school year and is divided into different levels, each containing 3 to 4 units. Each unit is built around a theme with matching projects, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar exercises. All of our classes are taught by French native speakers in an immersive style, with all reading, writing and speaking done entirely in French.
By highlighting traditional and contemporary francophone cultures from texts, songs, games, movies, theatre, art, cuisine, tales, and legends, children will gain a true appreciation for the wonderful and diverse cultures of French speakers around the world. Using mediums like singing, poetry, visual art, play, simulation, role playing etc – we want every child to learn while having fun and develop a long-lasting taste for learning.

Program Levels

Explorers (Ages 5-7)
Twice a week for 2 hours or 3 hours on Saturday mornings

This class is designed to encourage your child to speak and share their thoughts in French while expanding their vocabulary and introducing writing.

Although our main focus is on speaking in French, learning to read and introducing cursive writing are also a strong part of this program.

Readers (Ages 8-9)
Twice a week for 2 hours or 3 hours on Saturday mornings

This class promotes and develops oral and written language skills. Your child will develop his or her language by expressing their thoughts, asking questions, and listening to others for comprehension. Conjugation will be introduced. History, geography, and civic lessons will be used to enhance comprehension of more complex French language. During this cycle, we also pay particular attention to spelling and grammar.

Little Philosophers (Ages 9-12)
Twice a week for 4 hours or 3 hours on Saturday mornings

This class helps children further develop spoken and written language skills while continuing to focus on expression through writing and spelling.
Your child will develop his self-expression and critical thinking skills through projects that will ask them to discuss, debate, and present his or her own research. The year will be organized around particular themes reflected in our student projects.

Club Ado (Ages 12-15)
2 hours a week

Through specific themes, the students will reinforce their knowledge of French by reading classic and modern authors. Advanced grammar rules and conjugation will be taught, supported by the use of technology in class.

The Experts (Ages 12-15)
2 hours a week

​This class is intended for teens with good knowledge of French spelling, grammar, and conjugation. Focus is given to expanding written skills to produce essays, summaries, and argumentative paragraphs. Advanced grammar rules and all conjugation tenses will be taught. Classic and modern authors will influence students’ written work.

Apprentis Bilingues (Ages 5-10)
Twice a week for 2 hours or 3 hours on Saturday mornings

This class is intended for beginner francophone children. Through fun themes, students will learn basic language that will evolve in more elaborate vocabulary and, in time, full sentences. Educational games, stories, and videos will be used as a means of communication during class. These classes are great for children who may not be ready for FLAM curriculum.

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