After-School (FLAM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lingering questions about our FLAM program? We hope that these frequently asked questions will be helpful to you.

How many children are in a class?
There are 6-8 students in a class, and never more than 10.
Is there homework for FLAM classes?
Sometimes at-home assignments are sent home, but they are never mandatory. They are designed to reinforce concepts introduced during the program.
Is the curriculum the same from year to year?
No, it’s not. The curriculum evolves year over year (we change it completely every ten years). We know that some students may remain in a class for more than one year. We make sure that our activities are always engaging and varied to ensure full and happy participation from students.
Are teachers from FLAM subject to a background check? Are they licensed by the State of Massachusetts?

Absolutely. You can learn more about EFGB’s hiring policies and accreditations here.

The school year has already started, but we just found out about FLAM. May I enroll my student even though the school year is already underway?

Yes, you may! Visit our registration page for more information.

I am not quite sure that my child will enjoy the program. May I bring them in for a trial class before I make my decision?
Unfortunately, no. We cannot offer “trial” classes to potential families. We invite you to give us a call, explore our website, and then make a choice to apply.
Do you offer financial aid for your tuition and fees?
We do not offer financial aid for our FLAM programming. We have done our best to make our tuition competitive and accessible for all families.
Do you offer carpooling or other transportation to your program?
We do not. You are invited to coordinate your own carpooling with a FLAM family of your choice.
Is there an assessment before enrollment in FLAM?

Yes. After we receive your application, we will schedule a short appointment to assess your student’s French language acquisition in order to ensure correct placement.

Interested in enrolling your child?