After-School (FLAM)

French Language After-School Classes for ages 5 to 15.

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5 Years Old – 15 years Old


EFGB offers French courses throughout the week in 3 locations around Boston or on Saturdays morning in 2 locations.

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Francais Langue Maternelle (FLAM) programs provide francophone students educated in non-French immersion schools extracurricular programming and activities in French.

Our mission is to enable our students to master the French language in speaking, reading and writing, while helping them discover and celebrate the francophone culture, and their bilingual identity. We give them the opportunity to learn and practice French in a dynamic setting, through academics, projects and creative activities, and we give our families access to a francophone community and network.


Our guiding principle of project based learning helps children reach excellence through a kind but demanding approach. The learning atmosphere gives benefits for all of the child’s schooling and overall development: it improves his or her skills in problem solving, abstraction, cooperation and creativity.

EFGB offers french courses throughout the week in 6 locations around Boston or on Saturdays morning in 2 locations. Our staff of 20 French native speaker teachers proudly serve over 250 students aged 5 to 15 years-old.

Our family has very much appreciated having EFGB as a learning resource for both Foster and Isabelle. We can already see glimpses of the opportunities that having this second language will provide them – Isabelle begins Cambridge high school next year and as a 9th grader she will be placed at the very highest AP (College) level. After that she hopes to continue studying French at the Harvard extension school possibly with opportunities to study abroad while still in high school! We shall see!

On a personal level, we also very much appreciate the love, dedication and patience you bring to your work with the children. We will always remember our time with you and EFGB very, very fondly.

FLAM Family

We are following the FLAM programs defined by the administration. Then, I always try to balance between oral, writing and reading during the 4 hours/week. The objective is that children are motivated to come and learn after a school day. So, the class atmosphere is important.

FLAM Teacher

My son’s teacher is great! I think the students really like him and the way he handles the class. Therefore he is really keen on going to the French class. It is not a burden but an enjoyable time while he keeps learning.

FLAM Family

My two boys were attending FLAM classes and there was an opportunity to be an assistant to observe a class. I was very interested to see the involvement of teachers and the atmosphere that reigned in this school. I really felt the benefits of a community between children, parents and teachers.

Parent and FLAM assistant

EFGB is a member of FLAM USA, a network of 3,000 students and composed by 16 FLAM programs.