Press Release: Partnership with OFALycée

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Partnership with OFALycée

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EFGB today announced a new partnership with OFALycée. This partnership will provide French and francophones families in the US or elsewhere the opportunity to benefit from a French secondary school of excellence. After their schooling at EFGB, students from 6th to 12th grade will be able to pursue their French education online up to the French Baccalaureate.

“We are the alternative so many families were waiting for! » says Geraldine Guillermin, Head of School at Ofalycée. “We are the only French-American Online school offering this revolutionary bilingual and bicultural program”. “The lack of high schools offering the French program in the United States effectively excludes many interested families from the French education system. The growing use of digital education and the wish to offer a complete bilingual education at an affordable price are the determining factors that led us to the creation of OFALycée, the first Franco-American online institution.”

“We are delighted to partner with this new educational initiative OFALycée,” says Hervé Seux, Founder & President at EFGB. “It will create the perfect transition for our elementary school students and our FLAM students. EFGB is very excited to work closely with the education experts from OFALycée and transfer their expertise to our school and after school programs for the benefit of our students. EFGB is committed to partnering with innovative schools to offer alternative educational solutions for our community”.

The benefits of this new partnership include. 

  • EFGB students benefit from a smooth transition to the French secondary school programs 
  • An increased visibility of OFALycée in the Boston area 
  • Teacher training at EFGB by OFALycée teachers
  • Shared info sessions, seminars about French and Bilingual education


About OFALycée: OFALycée is the first institution to offer online, supplemental French Baccalaureate education to students in the United States or anywhere else in the world. OFALycée combines schooling in an American high school with a French education from the 6th to the 12th Grade. The objectives are to combine and optimize American programs and French programs in order to perfect a bilingual and bicultural education of excellence. 


About EFGB: Ecole Française Greater Boston offers educational programming in French that are designed to foster exploration, social-emotional development, and a desire to learn. The goal is to help children build a truly bilingual identity and a strong early academic foundation that will seamlessly transition them from our school to the world beyond.