A blended approach for more personalized learning.


Blending French National Education guidelines, Massachusetts Early Education guidelines, and multiple pedagogical approaches makes our curriculum unique and empowering for our students.

Our curriculum was designed to enable our students to build a strong foundation for true bilingualism, inspire them to strive for academic excellence, and foster their social, emotional and physical development.

Based on the French National Education guidelines and enhanced by various educational approaches and learning principles, our programs promote creativity, self-discipline, independence, active learning, and positive reinforcement.

We work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Education to ensure that our curriculum is compliant with the highest academic standards of the American education system, and to facilitate a seamless transition to public schools.

This blend of various learning philosophies and programming enables us to adapt to every child and their different learning needs, help them develop the skills necessary to become lifelong learners, and prepare them for academic success.

At EFGB, our curriculum is:



Students are invited to fully participate in every aspect of their learning. Teachers encourage our students to experience new concepts through experimentation, hands-on work and critical thinking. We believe that knowledge is built through active work and cannot be acquired passively.



Students are encouraged to follow their interests and take positive risks in our classes. We provide hands-on, self-paced, joyful and challenging activities for students to take on, giving them opportunities to experiment and experience in safe, positive ways.


Playful and Creative

Creating an environment that encourages creative expression is essential to learning. We actively encourage play-based learning and reinforce that with in-class projects that give students room to express their knowledge in creative ways. By developing creative and analytical thinking, cognitive and motor skills, students earn all of the tools they need to thrive as individuals as they grow.



We blend multiple pedagogical approaches so that we can assure that each student enjoys an academic experience that helps them acquire skills and build a strong, positive image of themselves. Our lessons are designed to promote the physical, intellectual and emotional development of each student. We offer small class sizes with high teacher to student ratio to foster a personalized approach to education, where we can adapt to every child’s needs, abilities, and learning styles.



All of our classes and activities are taught in French to promote true bilingualism in our students.

Explore Our School Programs


21 Months – 5 Years Old

A fully immersive program in French to facilitate French language mastery early on, while also introducing students to important skills for school preparation.

Elementary School

Ages 5 – 10

Offering 1st through 5th (CP CM2), our elementary school provides academic strength, French language immersion, and continued individual exploration.


Ages 5 – 12

Designed specifically for francophone students being educated in non-French-speaking schools.

Summer Camp

Ages 3 – 9

Offering indoor and outdoor fun activities and French language practice to all Greater Boston Families.