Elementary School

Setting strong foundations for continued mastery

Cambridge – Fresh Pond

1st to 5th Grade

The French-English (Bilingual) Elementary school is located in Cambridge for children aged from 5 years to 10 years old:

Cambridge Fresh Pond

799 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

2.9 years old to 10 years old


Offering 1st through 5th grades (CP-CM2), our elementary school provides academic strength, French language immersion, and continued individual exploration.

In Elementary school, the objective is to prepare our students intellectually and socially to the life and educational journey ahead of them. Our main focal points are reading, writing, and French, and the understanding of numbers and calculus. We encourage and create opportunities for developing analytical and creative thinking, a fundamental element of the French curriculum, as well as self-confidence and independence.

I believe in taking a child-centered approach to teaching and thinking of the whole child when teaching. Imparting knowledge is wonderful, it is equally important that we raise empathetic children with strong values.

Watertown English Teacher

Curriculum based on the French National Curriculum

French / English Languages

EFGB (1st to 5th grade) is a full time program.   As presented in our preschool, our curriculum follows the complete program from the French Ministry of Education and the Massachusetts State Education Department.  Students at this level are taught through the immersion approach.  Students spend 50% of their time in French and 50% of their time in English.  Through our harmonized curriculum, students acquire excellent reading and writing skills, encounter the basic concepts of math and science and to become better thinkers. By using this immersion approach, our student experience success in all subject areas and encouraged to become life-long learners. 


Knowledge of numbers and arithmetic are significant milestones in the primary grades. Mental arithmetic, problem solving, use of units of measurement, and the first notions of geometry are introduced.

Sports and Physical Education

Physical activities play an important role in school life. They aim to develop gross and fine motor skills for students and provide a first introduction to physical education, team sports, and physical arts like dance and gymnastics.

Discovering the World

Students are introduced to space and time markers, including tools like the calendar, clock and maps. Students learn to identify the characteristics of living things, are taught health and safety rules, how to respect the environment. Detailed studies of simple technical objects and transformation cycles of matter will be explored during these years. These first introductions to scientific practice provide a window into the world and develop observational and critical thinking skills.

Visual Arts and Art History

We dedicate regular time to practice using different art techniques and mediums, including movement and instruments. Students are invited to express their perceptions and emotions, as well as develop their own projects. In music education, students will learn a vast repertoire of rhymes and songs while developing their listening skills through exploring famous works. They will practice identifying melodic themes, rhythms, tempo, intensity, and pitches. Art history is also introduced in these grades.

Civics and Ethics

Students learn the principles of ethics, learn the rules of polite and social behavior, and receive health education and safety guidelines. They also learn to recognize symbols of the French Republic.

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