Movement, art, music and physical activity: Learning beyond academics.

Children need more than text and numbers to thrive as individuals

At the EFGB, we believe that a strong, child-centered, positive educational experience must include more than academics. This is why we decided to enhance our core curriculum with engaging enrichments that promote expression, social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills, as well as self-confidence. Every week, we offer our students music, arts and sports classes.


Music has an impact on all areas of child development and skills for school readiness:

Social skills: Music training helps develop eye contact, turn-taking, sense of initiative, teamwork (especially in a band or orchestra) and self- confidence.

Cognitive skills: Students who practice music develop their auditory attention, which can improve focus, concentration and memorization.

Language and communication skills: Musical training develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning

Emotional skills: Music making encourages the expression of feelings, non-verbal ideas and empathy. It also builds imagination and intellectual curiosity.

Art / Art History

As children discover a painter and his very own universe, they also discover that world is not uniform, they realized that every form of expression is valuable and precious. They start building their own artistic knowledge, while developing different skills during workshops that promote self-confidence and emotional development (with Art kids can represent experiences that they cannot verbalize):

Learn to describe with words what they see and what they feel

Get the opportunity to express themselves, observe, be creative

Acquire hand-eye coordination. learn how to stay focused, persevere and take risks

Practice discipline, (ie. there is only one rule to create a green : Blue + Yellow. Nothing else is possible)
Collaborate with others


Physical activity is critical to the healthy growth, well-being and development of children. Research suggests that physical activity in childhood is associated with better physical health (stronger bones, body composition and muscles, and heart health). It helps create a foundation of movement and activity that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. It also has a positive impact on children’s brains and social skills.
Through our sports classes, our students get the opportunity to:

Improve their motor skills and fundamental movement skills (ie. Throwing, catching, skipping)

Develop their concentration and their thinking skills
Manage their own behavior and get on with others

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