Extended Day

Safe and supervised free-play and structured activities for students after school.


The school offers an extended day option, Monday-Friday from 3:00 to 5:00pm. Free-play and structured activities take place at the school, in one of the classrooms, and at the playground. Time is allotted for an afternoon snack and recess time.

Please note that the 2 Cambridge locations (Concord Ave and Walden Square)  also provides a Before School program from 8:00-8:30am.


An enrollment form will be mailed to you when your child’s school enrollment is complete. Extended day is divided into semesters. Spaces are limited. We will accept children based on the date full payment is received. The deadline for enrollment forms and payment is June 1st.

Fees and Payment
The fee for extended day is based on days per semester for 2 hours of care.

Before School 8:00-8:30am (/year):

  • $1,375

After School 3:00-5:00pm (/number of days/Semester)

  • $545

Example : William is signed up for After School care 3 days a week, for the first semester of the year, and 2 days a week for the second semester of the year. The fee will be $545 x 3 for the months of September to January, and $545 x 2 from February to June.

Late Pickup

After 5pm, families will be billed $1 per minute. Families will receive a bill at the end of the semester.

Occasional/Urgent Care

If, under exceptional circumstances, you need to leave your child at the extended day program, please let the school know as soon as possible. If the school is willing and there are places available, you will be billed $30 for the day.

NOTE: After-school programs will not be provided on professional development days or during school holidays.

Interested in enrolling your child?