Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lingering questions about our Summer Camp program? We hope that these frequently asked questions will be helpful to you.

We are not a French-speaking family. Can we still enroll our children in EFGB Summer Camp?
Yes, you can. This camp is open to francophone families and non-francophone families.
We do not enroll our children in EFGB programs during the school year. Can we still enroll them in EFGB Summer Camp?
Yes, you can. Our camp is open to all families in the area!
Can we sign up for just 1 week?
Yes. Pick whichever week you want. Go by theme or convenient time. There is no full-summer commitment (though we’d love to see you all summer if you want to stay and play!).
Does the discount work if I sign up for weeks that are non-consecutive?
Yes! Sign up for the weeks you want. Your discount will apply.
Is lunch provided at camp?
No. We do not offer lunches to campers. Please pack a healthy lunch in an insulated lunch box with a few ice packs. Please also pack a water bottle. Please note that lunches will not be heated up for campers.

Interested in enrolling your child?